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6 in 1 Smart Automatic Intelligent Thermostat Baby Bottle Warmer Disinfection 220V Electric Fast Warm Milk & Steriliser

6 in 1 Smart Automatic Intelligent Thermostat Baby Bottle Warmer Disinfection 220V Electric Fast Warm Milk & Steriliser

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Material: Food grade PP
Material Feature: Latex Free, Nitrosamine Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free, PVC Free
Power Source: Electric 
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 200W
Voltage: 110/220V 60/50Hz
Disinfection time: 10 minutes
Type: Warmers & Sterilisers
Product Size: 190x140x240mm 
Weight: 120g
Colour: Pink, Blue, Khaki
Package: 1 x Warm milk 


STRONG QUALITY - quality bottle warmer that safe but also of high quality. Made of plastic and polyester bottle warms breast milk and formula.

AMAZING DESIGN - the LED screen that shows the temperature baby bottle warmer. Can easily adjust the temperature and time control in a bottle steriliser.

2 in 1 BOTTLE WARMER - efficient and effective in defrosting baby food and breast milk. The bottle warmer for breastmilk automatically shuts off after eight minutes and has a cycle memory, so bottle sets your warming the previous cycle each time. Warm milk, heat food, make formula - adjust target temp, defrost milk

EASY CLEANUP - travel bottle warmer is durable and easy to wash. It is safe for your baby, milk warmer is easily cleaned, it is not poisonous and it is durable.

QUALITY SERVICE - Crafted, highly stable, easy to use, safe and reliable, we are committed to providing you with the best experience. Provide 24 hours of quality customer service Rated capacity: 2-3 bottles Product Specifications: Warm milk: 40℃(104℉) Formula: 45℃(113℉) Heat food: 65 - 80℃(149℉-176℉) Sterilisation: 100℃(212℉) Defrost: 30 - 40℃(86℉-104℉)

- Whether you have twins or just an extra-hungry baby, dual bottle warming is a lifesaver. This specially designed milk heater can warm two bottles simultaneously, cutting down on prep time and providing faster feeding

- Fast steam heating / constant water bath heating / sterilisation / keeping warm / heating food supplement, meet all your demand

- It takes a few minutes to steam quickly as steam steriliser can reach to 212℉,99.9% of bacteria bottles contained can be killed, cleaner and healthier

- The bottle warmer will power down automatically when the water inside of bottle warmer is dried. It is made of food-grade pp material, BPA free.

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