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3 pcs Baby Silicon Spoon - Blue, Yellow, Pink

3 pcs Baby Silicon Spoon - Blue, Yellow, Pink

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Material: Silicone
Size: 14cm (L) X 2.5cm (W)
Temperature range: 38°C - 40°C
Suitable Age: 4-24 months babies
Colour: Blue, Yellow, Pink
Package Included: 3pcs/pack baby temperature sensing spoon in random colours


- Advanced silicone material, very soft, care for baby gums and mouth, suitable for 4-24 months baby to use

- Material safe, reliable, not containing bisphenol (BPA Free)

- Extended handle design, convenient parental feeding baby, also convenient for parents dig the small bottle of inside food

- Non-slip grip, grasp with ease

- Beautiful colours, highlight fashion charm

- Do not use boiling, microwave and other high-temperature sterilization methods to disinfection

- Recommend clean with fruit and vegetable cleaning fluid

 Warm Tips:

  1. Tablespoon head edge using plasticity elastomer, soft and flexible, safer use.
  2. Tablespoon head elastomers containing temperature change materials, when the food temperature exceeds 40°C, flexible will automatically become white, suggesting the food too hot, not feeding, very safe and convenient to use.
  3. Materials non-toxic, no smell, and temperature up to 100°C.
  4. Before and after use, please clean. Sterilised and placed in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. If found broken phenomenon, please replace it.
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