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Baby Waterproof Soft Absorbent Breathable Changing Mat

Baby Waterproof Soft Absorbent Breathable Changing Mat

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High-quality material: The front of our baby changing pad mat is made of natural ecological organic cotton, and the other side is a high-quality waterproof TPU membrane, which is 100% waterproof, breathable and comfortable, thick and durable. The waterproof surface of the diaper changing mat is skin-friendly, safe and healthy to use.

Easy to use: The soft and comfortable baby changing pad waterproof makes the baby's delicate skin more comfortable when changing diapers. The high-end TPU material is used on the white surface of the baby diaper pad. The diaper will be changed when going out. You don’t need to clean it, just wipe it with a paper towel after use.

Exquisite design: Our baby pad waterproof uses pure cotton edging cloth, double-sided stitched edging, it is not easy to deform, washable and durable, and the front of the changing pads waterproof has a cute pattern design, which makes the baby look more comfortable when changing the diaper pad .

Easy to clean: travel changing mats support machine wash or hand wash. But do not dry in the dryer! If placed in a dryer, the mat will shrink and damage the "TPU" waterproof layer! It is recommended to dry.

Widely used: Both sides of the diaper changing mattress are available. It can be used not only as a baby diaper pad, but also as a menstrual pad or pets! The 100% waterproof pad prevents liquid, urine, sweat and dust mites.

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